Restorers’ Resources

“O Philosophy, life’s guide! O searcher of virtues and expeller of vices! Just a single day lived well and according to your commandments is to be preferred to a whole eternity of errors.” ~Cicero

“He is wise through the knowledge of the truth, and thereby becomes good, happy, pure, beautiful and perfect. The divine light shining forth in him, is a guide to others; and he is a fit leader of a people to the good that he enjoys.” ~Plato

If the citizens of these United States desire to be guided away from ignorance and to know of the work they must fulfill, then they must first come to a knowledge of the truth.

These sources will reveal unto the reader, if done so wholeheartedly and sine cera, the divinity, so to speak, within the writings of the profound Fathers; intended, that they may no longer enslave themselves on “down stream”, polluted interpretations of such.

The Anti-Federalist Papers
The Federalist Papers
The Founders’ Constitution
The Founding Father’s Library
The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
The Works of Demosthenes
Thomas Jefferson’s Recommended Reading
(expect more in this place as time amends)

Please, for the matters most pressing, the Restorers call upon all willing persons of the sovereign to become beacons of light to shine forth onto the bridge of restoration.

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