Join in the Cause of Restoring our Forgotten Freedoms!

America was established on a foundation of hope for a future full of freedom. Our forefathers hoped that we, their descendants, would put it to good use. 200 years have passed, and the freedom so slowly acquired has been quickly lost. However, it is not too late. As Thomas Jefferson stated, “The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed continually with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” The Tree has begun to wither; as the rising generation, we must fulfill the duty that our parents would not. With virtue, vigilance, and valor, the patriots throughout the states can restore our Forgotten Freedoms once again.

We hold weekly meetings in which we discuss topics pertaining to the Restoring of our Forgotten Liberties.

What are the Forgotten Freedoms?

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The Mission Statement and Motto of the Restorers:

Mission Statement

Motto of the Restorers

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