Tapestry of Truth


Truth and knowledge weave the tapestry of our world today, yet falsehoods and deception still thread their way in. Unfortunately, the natural tendency of man is to avoid tough things including work as much as possible The problem this then creates is; so much truth is difficult to face and accept for many people. It may be a matter of growing up and learning through incorrect sources, or simply refusing to try. The lamp of history that still glimmers seems to be increasingly ignored or forgotten because it seems “irrelevant” or “not applicable to us.” Patrick Henry stated, “We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth.” It is always easier to ignore difficult or painful truth than to try and obtain it.

Because of this critical weakness, the threads of lies are continually cloaking the beautiful blanket of knowledge. We must make a conscious decision to accept and delight over truth once we discover it. Patrick Henry further elaborated, “Whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.” But how does one locate truth? First, it requires an element of being vigilant, which entails willingly searching for other sources that will confirm facts and information in whole. Second: ask yourself, am I apt to block out “hard things”? Do I ignore that which is tough to bear or accept?” Don’t instinctively put up a wall every time something unfamiliar is introduced. Become a critical thinker. It is vital to be cautious in receiving new facts. Additionally, avoid being Teflon readers. As you read, don’t let the words slide away as if on a non-stick surface. Absorb and ponder them. To successfully restore our Constitution, it is vital that everyone knows and understands the truth, and the only way that can be done is if we ascertain the fundamental principles of discerning truth, and avoid cowering from them.

The final statement from the aforementioned quotation, “and to provide for it” is equally critical. A common tendency and flaw is simply of keeping the doors closed to wondrous truth. Providing is an action that entails: allowing learning opportunities to arise, nurturing the passion, and persevering with valor. Providing even requires ripping the subtle threads of deception and evil from the tremendous tapestry of truth.

Do not allow the deluge of news and media to deceive you. One of the most virtuous actions one can ever perform is seeking, accepting, and teaching truth. The tapestry is a glorious and irrevocable guidance that must be protected from persistent perfidious threads.

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