A Mother’s Wisdom


Learning from a mother is perhaps the most important part of early childhood. From the very moment a baby is brought into the world, there is a special connection with the mother. While a brief and simple topic, this is perhaps the most important thing we could ever write about
When the Founding Fathers grew up, their mothers taught them everything they learned, up until they were about age eight. In those first eight years, a priceless foundation of knowledge, wisdom, and virtue were laid. They learned the principles and truths that guided them as they crafted a beautiful country.
Gradually, the influence of women in the home has diminished. Today, women are often mocked when they fulfill their God-given role of nurturer. Let it not be so! They are doing the most important thing there could ever be: raising the next generation.
I know that in spending great amounts of time to teach me when I was little, my mother shaped me into who I am today. Our Founding Fathers were taught by their mothers, and if we want to restore liberty, the surest way to do so is raise the next generation up in the learning of good things. Undoubtedly, the best teachers they could ever have will be their mothers.


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