The Precipice of Destruction


      The family is the foundation on which the next generation of Americans stand on. And yet, over time, the importance of the family has been undermined; be it though Society, or even the government. Now, because of that corrosion both the family and the future lie on the precipice of destruction.
      In times before, it was crucial for adults to be involved in their children’s lives. However, in the 21st century, parenthood has taken on a secondary role, making way for careers and personal time. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find both parents out of the house, pursuing the career of their dreams, while their child is left at a daycare center – never having the opportunity to have the pleasure of learning and maturing under the guidance of a parent’s loving hand. William Ross Wallace once stated that “[t]he hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” After all, the one who fears the children is the one who teaching them the principles and laws necessary to forge a great future. If there is no mother or father to be there for the youth, how can we hope for a bright future when no one took the time to raise the rising generation? Parenthood should be viewed as one of the most sacred callings an individual can receive – instead, it has been mocked, and deemed unimportant – and should we continue along a path where parenthood is the least important role in society, there’s no telling whether or not America will be there for the next generation.
      The government claims to be an adamant supporter of the family; going so far as to instigate programs like Child Protective Services (CPS), or a public education system – for the upbringing of a knowledgeable generation. However, like many good things, involving the government has perverted these programs and has actually threatened the family on more than one occasion. According to Rover Weidner, “They get $85,000 from the federal government ever time they take one of those little ones and put them up for adoption. SO everyone’s feeding off of this federal money that is coming in, and all they’re focused on is getting the money – they talk about keeping their numbers up.” So, rather than supporting the family, and creating a wholesome environment for the youth, they’ve turned child abuse into a franchise, even allowing criminals to work as foster parents, if they pay enough.
      If the hand that rocks the cradle rocks the nation, then ought we as the parents ensure out youth are prepared for the difficulties required to maintain this nation? At the very least, shouldn’t we make sure that it’s the parents calling the shots when it comes to raising their kids?


One thought on “The Precipice of Destruction

  1. Demosthenes

    A wonderful masterpiece is this article. Wonderful job!

    Our society has become increasingly selfish. By definition, no society can survive by being a selfish one. Thank you for point that out.


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