We Can Do It Again


      As we have established, the federal government is constantly taking and using powers that weren’t given in the Constitution. Often, it has been out of good intentions. However, that doesn’t make it okay.
      For over a century, the federal government has taken more and more power. The central government continually- especially more recently- enforces regulations in states that infringe on the tenth amendment. The tenth amendment states that any powers not delegated to the federal government belong to the states and the people, and is an essential part of protecting our freedom. This abuse of power isn’t contained to one political party. Everything from healthcare to immigration reform should be entirely up to the states.
      It is overwhelming to even think about trying to dismantle even a fraction of the agencies and their regulations that it would take to give the states the powers promised to them in the Constitution. However, there is a much simpler solution. Even more exciting is the knowledge that this solution isn’t just guesswork. In fact, It has been done before!
      A long time ago, as early as 1798 and John Adams’ presidency, the federal government had begun to take power not given to them in the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were concerned. They drafted the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, which essentially stated that any act of the central government not in compliance with the Constitution would not be enforced in those states.
      It can be done again. In one fell swoop, the Constitution would be followed. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.
      The most important thing that anyone can do is educate themselves. Research the Resolutions. Once you are educated, educate your family; educate your friends. Remember that it has been done once, and will be done again. It will take you and me and all those that we help educate- but it will be done.


2 thoughts on “We Can Do It Again

  1. Demosthenes

    Well written and succinct as usual, Satio.

    Creating new Kentucky Resolutions is a great idea. Thank you for presenting a solution that so realistic it brings hope into the hearts of beleaguered Freedom Fighters.


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