On the Importance of Virtue, Vigilance, and Valor


      Virtue, Vigilance, and Valor are the three qualities that we, the Restorers of the Forgotten Freedoms, believe to be absolutely crucial to the preservation of individual, societal, and national liberty.
      Virtue is the quality of having moral excellence. One who is virtuous will demonstrate characteristics of fidelity, integrity, humility, and responsibility. When a society is not virtuous they are quite clearly robbed of independence. They are slaves to their own passions and desires; but when chained by addictions and self-serving habits, one will never be truly free. Thus, the people render themselves incapable of vigilance and valor – traits that are invaluable in the endeavor to promote true freedom. Yet, sadly, America is sinking in moral degeneracy. Adultery, pornography, and vulgarity, once shunned like the plague, are now glorified and normalized by the media. Despite this, the principle is still that there is no liberty without virtue. The only way to remedy this is by returning to moral excellence – one life at a time.
      Vigilance is the characteristic which alerted our ancestors to the tyrannical acts of Mother England and what later inspired them to them rise up in arms in a deliberate crusade for liberty. Our founding fathers filled the proverbial role of “watchmen on the tower” by educating themselves about the law of their land, and diligently noting any governmental actions that overstepped those boundaries, instead of complacently and ignorantly accepting the dictates of King George III. Many modern Americans would agree that even though the Constitution exists, the government does not follow it precisely. Even slight overreaches of the government’s power prove that we as Americans have obviously not been vigilant enough over our liberty. If we have not been vigilant, that is because we have not been virtuous enough to look beyond our petty concerns, see the stark reality of life, and defend with valor the cause of freedom.
      The word valor is a derivative of the Latin valere, meaning “be strong”. Valor is standing firm and fighting with every ounce of strength, even when the required sacrifice is life itself. A people who are enslaved to personal desires are not capable of the clear sighted vigilance needed to become aware of and passionate about a cause worth dying for. And if it is not worth dying for, is it worth living for? The things that appear to matter to America are but passing shadows in the mist: celebrities, internet videos, electronic devices, TV shows, sports teams, fashion trends, etc… These temporary passions play a huge role in normalizing a lack of moral excellence. By tarnishing the value of virtue, society can prevent a clear sighted and vigilant eye from perceiving each new fad’s transient and temporary nature. Obsessions and pleasure such as these deserve no valor, dedication, or honest sacrifice. What we choose to set our hearts on will determine how well we defend our liberty.
      If our priorities are frothy fantasies, our values and liberty eventually become obsolete. Without a swift individual, familial, and societal return to Virtue, Vigilance, and Valor, our country will fall into disorder and despotism. Virtue, promoting individual independence, clears the way for Vigilance to safeguard national liberty, which in turn allows Valor to defend eternal freedom and justice for all.


2 thoughts on “On the Importance of Virtue, Vigilance, and Valor

  1. Demosthenes, (Damian M E ll)

    Great article. I especially like this part: “Vigilance is the characteristic which alerted our ancestors to the tyrannical acts of Mother England and what later inspired them to them rise up in arms in a deliberate crusade for liberty.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don Kennedy

    Great thinking! You must have escaped our current education system’s endeavor to diminish your understanding of the founding fundamentals of the United States.

    Keep up the good work!!!!


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