Our Purpose Defined:

The Restorers of the Forgotten Freedoms affirm that the wise men who wrote the Constitution of the United States were divinely inspired; by this inspiration, we affirm that by faithfully and valiantly following this constitution per the only legitimate interpretation, its original, each of the states will anew the virtue, liberty, and freedom that this nation once cherished.

Our ultimate obligatory goal is to fully reinstate the Constitution throughout these sovereign United States. The Federal Constitution is no less than a contract among the separate commonwealths under the order of a unified covenant. Its purpose is to guarantee the greatest security, liberty, for its contracting members. Although, the general public has forfeited this knowledge for the baser luxuries; our goal is to simply reverse this.

Naturally, it is also recognized that there is a want for the citizenry to reestablish relations with their public servants. The magistrates and ministers at the state and national levels must be constantly and vigilantly checked. The Restorers encourage necessity for both parties to valiantly embrace the United States’ Constitution as it was ratified.

To do so, we must obligate ourselves to educate and teach our own fellow citizens on the matters most pressing: liberty and freedom. This is accomplished by illuminating the truth of what the founders themselves knew to be true and by understanding why they prized that greatest investment. This will enable the public to make more informed decisions not only in the political spectrum, but in their personal spectrums as well.

By achieving these things, relying on the individual virtue, vigilance, and valor of other like-minded patriots, the liberties necessary for the Forgotten Freedoms to govern, for the first time in many human events, will be restored to every citizen of the respectable United States of America.

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